CiPU B-Bag 2.0 ECO Backpack Diaper Bag 6 Piece Combo Set (Rainbow)

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  • 6 Pieces Combo: B-Bag 2.0 ECO (Main Backpack), Water Resistant Diaper Pad, Single Pocket Pouch, Detachable Strap (Pocket Pouch), Retractable Key Chain Ring, Detachable Chest Strap
  • Water repellent and air-like lightness
  • Smart multi-compartment and colorful design
  • RoHS Compliance and ECO Friendly Fabrics
  • Perfect for moms carrying baby accessories


Product Description:

Color: Rainbow Indian

*  Water repellent and air-like lightness 
*  Smart multi-compartment and colorful design 
*  RoHS Compliance and ECO Friendly Fabrics 
*  Perfect for moms who carry baby accessories 

CiPU B-Bag (Combo) 6 Piece Set including: 

1.  B-Bag 2.0 ECO (Main Backpack) 
2.  Water Resistant Diaper Pad 
3.  Single Pocket Pouch 
4.  Detachable Strap (Pocket Pouch) 
5.  Retractable Key Chain Ring
6.  Detachable Chest Strap 

Our functional bag is designed by the founder of CiPU based on her experience raising her own children. 
Furthermore, CiPU bags are the perfect choice for outings, chasing after children and traveling. 
The backpack allows moms and dads to hold their kids with both arms while avoiding your bag sliding off your shoulder while bending down to attend them.
The back zip and compartmentalized design are created with users' experiences in mind and allows for easy access to frequently used items such as keys, loose change and ID.
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    CiPU B-Bag 2.0 ECO Backpack Diaper Bag 6 Piece Combo Set (Rainbow)