Maximize Output

Glass delivers all the content you and your employees need right before your eyes. Free up both your hands so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Increase Efficiency

Enable employees to gain instant access to expertise in areas such as manufacturing, logistics, field services, and health care. Glass provides access to information and other resources in a hands-free way to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

Use Cases Include:


Doctors spend up to two hours a day accessing information at a computer. With Glass doctors spend on average one to two minutes on the computer per patient giving them more time to interact with those who matter most: their patients. Medical records and documents can be pulled up at the blink of an eye and notes can be taken during the course of the visit - all hands free.


Workers can now instantly access expert information to aid them while they work. Manuals and instructions can be accessed right in front of their eyes while still having both hands free to handle equipment and machinery.


Paired with partner software solutions, Glass can allow employees to receive instructions directly in their line of site. Quickly accessible information and instructions allows companies like DHL to operate at 15% greater efficiency on average.

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