Nintendo Labo Robot Kit, Customization Set, and Nintendo Switch Console with Neon Joy Con Bundle

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Comes with:
  • 1 Nintendo Switch Console with Neon Joy-Con 
  • 1 Nintendo Labo Customization Set
  • 1 Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

Make, Play, and Discover with Nintendo Labo! Simply have fun making DIY cardboard creations called Toy-Con, bring them to life with the technology of the Nintendo Switch system (required; sold separately) to play games, and discover the magic behind how Toy-Con works. Express your creativity by customizing Toy-Con projects with these stencils, stickers, and more.

Customization Set includes: • 2 - Stencil sheets • 2 - Sticker sheets • 2 - Tape rolls

Robot Kit:

  • Make your very own Toy-Con Robot suit: fold engineered, pre-cut cardboard and wear it to become a robot in the game!
  • Play as a robot: demolish your in-game surroundings and take on challenges to unlock powerful abilities
  • Customize your robot's in-game appearance and use your own markers and other supplies to decorate your Toy-Con Robot
  • Challenge a friend using their own Toy-Con Robot in a two-player battle mode on a single screen*
  • With the Robot Kit and the included Toy-Con Garage mode, you can invent new ways to play with your Toy-Con Robot by using special input nodes or create your very own Toy-Con projects!

Introducing Nintendo Switch, the new home video game system from Nintendo. In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system can be taken on the go so players can enjoy a full home console experience anytime, anywhere. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system, with unprecedented new play styles brought to life by the two new Joy-Con controllers.


Home Gaming System

At home the main unit rests in the Nintendo Switch dock, which connects the system to the TV and lets you play with family and friends in the comfort of your living room.


Lift Nintendo Switch from the dock and instantly transition to handheld mode for on-the-go gaming. By sharing Joy-Con, players can go head-to-head while away from home. You can also enjoy the same great games in tabletop mode by using the included stand to prop the system up.

New Play Styles

Remove the detachable Joy-Con from either side of Nintendo Switch for more play styles:

  • One player can use a Joy-Con in each hand
  • Two players can each take one
  • Multiple Joy-Con can be employed by numerous people for a variety of gameplay options (additional Joy-Con sold separately)
  • Slip a set of Joy-Con into a Joy-Con grip accessory, mirroring a more traditional controller. Or, select an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Bring together up to 8 Nintendo Switch systems for local face-to-face multiplayer.

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    Nintendo Labo Robot Kit, Customization Set, and Nintendo Switch Console with Neon Joy Con Bundle