HTC VIVE Focus Plus - 3D virtual reality headset

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A professional-grade, portable VR solution for enterprise applications, the VIVE Focus Plus is designed for easy deployment and management. Equipped with immersive six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) controllers, improved graphics and the ultimate in ergonomic comfort, this all-in-one VR system is ideal for showrooms, training simulations, virtual conferences and more.

Immersive and intuitive control

With 6DoF tracking available in the controller, VR navigation and hand motions are highly intuitive and immersive. The pressure-sensitive trigger further provides enhanced interaction and manipulation of objects in virtual environments. Combined with the 6DoF-supported headset, users can seamlessly interact with virtual environments and truly appreciate the freedom of untethered VR.

Enhanced VR visuals

Lots of standalone devices come with trade-offs - especially when it comes to visual quality. Not the VIVE Focus Plus. Users will be able to see even more details in excellent clarity with reduced ring effects thanks to advanced lenses.

Comfort for extended usage

The VIVE Focus Plus is more balanced, more comfortable, and rests easier on users' heads. Its soft, easy-to-clean material makes it ideal for high-usage environments.

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    HTC VIVE Focus Plus - 3D virtual reality headset