Blizzard Cute But Deadly Series 2 Vinyl Figure Blind Box

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Includes ONE (1) Cute but Deadly figure.

  • Boxed character is random; each box contains one randomly selected character.
  • Cute But Deadly Series 2 Vinyl Figure Blind Box Contains: 1 Random figure from Overwatch, Diablo, World Of Warcraft or Starcraft.
  • Each blind box has 1 "one" random figure.
  • You cant chose the character, this is why they are called blind boxes.
  • These figures are highly detailed and are the best mini vinyl figures out on the market! Made by Blizzard entertainment.
  • Don't befooled by fake , cheap knock-offs from china! buy the real deal here.
  • Characters from this series include: Overwatch characters Bastion , Soldier 76 , Tracer , Pharah & Anubis Pharah. W.O.W. characters include: Illida & Tyrande. Diablo characters are: Treasure Goblin , Rainbow Goblin & Barbarian. Starcraft characters are: Raynor & Nova.
  • Try and collect them all!!
  • These mini figures are a must have for all Gamers , Video Game lovers , Overwatch , Diablo , Starcraft & W.O.W. fans. These figures make the ultimate gift for any occasion.


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