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The advancement of graphic technology and artificial intelligence is pushing the boundary of reality. More than ever, people are demanding more from hardware to have the best experience. Intel take your VR and gaming experience to the next level. Intel processors are designed to handle high performance gaming for the ultimate enthusiasts.

Internet of Things

The ever changing world of technology had been hugely impacted since the introduction of internet of things. Innovative applications further married technology to everyday life. With the increased need of processing power for analytics, Intel has become the heart and soul of IOT solutions. The interactivity, connectivity and analysis that Intel brings to the table allow IOT to fully blossom.

Solutions Powered by Intel

Gaming Solutions

The rising popularity for competitive gaming brings a urging demand for hardware technology. Faster and more powerful machine can be the pivotal factor between a winner or a loser. Intel’s innovations keeps gamers in forefront with the highest performance equipment. Winners choose Intel to ensure advantage over their competitors.

VR Solutions

Virtual reality is no longer an imagination for the future or fancy visual effect of a movie. VR is being widely used in gaming, education and training. As VR is becoming more prevalent, more innovative applications are expected to be introduced in the near future, Intel has been a key driving force for the development of VR. Intel is essential for the immersive experience of the virtual world.

B2B Solutions

Holographic Solutions

RealFiction - A revolutionary mixed-reality display system that produces visualizations where physical and digital elements blend in real-time. In any size and distance, using filed or 3D animated content in full color and 4K resolution that can be easily powered and stored with the media player Intel Nuc.

Spectators can engaged into animations without the use of traditional and immersive VR eyewear. Our display solutions directly trigger the eye’s perception of depth and reality which can be seen by multiple bystanders at the same time.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage is one of the fastest growing advertising channels worldwide. Versatile applications make digital signage a powerful marketing and practical tool for any environment. We can build digital signage solutions from entry-level single screen to high-end TV wall. Content can be scheduled, uploaded or removed remotely with cloud based content management software. Deliver the right message at the right time using digital signage powered by Intel.

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