Google Inc. Pixel 3 XL, Unlocked, 64gb, Clearly White

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Capture the perfect shot every time, get things done faster, enjoy an all-day battery, and more.

A camera so good it deserves unlimited storage

Get everyone in the picture with wide-angle selfies - no selfie stick required. Snap portraits like a pro with portrait mode. Capture smiles, not blinks, for a great photo every time.

Charges fast, lasts long

Pixel 3 XL comes with a battery that charges fast and wirelessly, and lasts all day. It's even smart enough to limit battery usage for the apps you don't use often to keep you going longer.

Avoid unwanted calls

Screen spam, scams, and other nuisance calls. Get real-time transcription and block unwanted callers so you'll never hear from them again.

The joy of missing out

Disconnect from your phone when and where you want so you can focus on time with family and friends. Set timers on apps and turn off visual notifications. Use the wind down mode to turn the screen to gray scale and get ready for a good night's sleep.

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    Google Inc. Pixel 3 XL, Unlocked, 64gb, Clearly White