Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Developer Titanium Band (Glass Pod Sold Separately)

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1 x Glass Titanium Band



Glass is a small, lightweight wearable computer with a transparent display for hands-free work.




Stay Focused
Glass intuitively fits into your workflow and helps you remain engaged and focused on high value work by removing distractions. Using voice commands, you can activate the right application for you at any time.
Improve accuracy
Access training videos, images annotated with instructions, or quality assurance checklists that help you get the job done, safely, quickly and to a higher standard.
Collaborate in Real-Time
Glass can connect you with coworkers in an instant, bringing expertise to right where you are. Invite others to “see what you see” through a live video stream so you can collaborate and troubleshoot in real-time.
** This product is intended for developer, commercial and enterprise customer only.
What's Included in the package - 1 x Glass Titanium Band
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What's Included:
1 x Glass Titanium Band
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1 x Glass Titanium Band
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    Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Developer Titanium Band (Glass Pod Sold Separately)