Funko POP! Vinyl Quidditch Harry Potter Figure #08

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Life in Hogwarts is cool for a lot of reasons. You get served a table full of amazing food that just pops up right in front of you three times a day. Don't tell Hermione but we really wouldn't mind getting a couple house elves in our house. Then there are all the mysteries to discover. Between the talking paintings, moving staircases, and secret passages we don't think we would ever get bored even if we weren't taking any classes. Most importantly, students who go to Hogwarts learn to fly! It's the ultimate ability, being able to hop on a broomstick and leap into the air. Lucky Harry Potter flew so well that he was invited to join the Quidditch team before anyone else his age. that's like learning to walk and getting recruited to your high school's track team. Pretty impressive! 

The uber successful Harry Potter Pop! line is now available starting with Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort and more to come soon. Here is Harry Potter in very cool Quidditch suit ready for the game! It features his Nimbus 2000 and the Golden Snitch.


Harry's serious Quidditch skills are commemorated with this Pop Vinyl figure that stands just under five inches tall. The head rotates, so you can make him look at the other characters in your Harry Potter collection. He's holding a snitch and his Firebolt, so you know he's ready for anything!


Harry Potter happened to have an immediate knack for flying which didn't make any of the Slytherins happy. Theis Harry Potter figure is sure to delight other fans of both the movie and the book. Just be warned, if you display it in the office, you might be recruited to your local Quidditch team!


  • Reference : FKOPOPHPQUID
  • Height : 10 cm
  • Packaging : Window Box
  • Producer : Funko


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    Funko POP! Vinyl Quidditch Harry Potter Figure #08