ASUS Chromebox 3 N3293U - mini PC - Core i3 8130U 2.2 GHz - 8 GB - 64 GB

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ASUS Chromebox 3 N3293U

Mini PC - 1 x Core i3 8130U / 2.2 GHz - RAM 8 GB - SSD 64 GB - UHD Graphics 620 - GigE - WLAN: 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 - Chrome OS

ASUS Chromebox 3 features a powerful processor and DDR4 memory for faster, smoother and more energy-efficient performance. It gives you the ability to run your favorite mobile apps with the power of a mini PC.

Extensive connectivity with power-delivery technology

ASUS Chromebox 3 can charge a connected phone or accessory, and can also receive power from a supported display or other device, eliminating the need for a separate power adapter for a cleaner workspace uncluttered with cables.

Dual display productivity

ASUS Chromebox 3 supports dual displays via HDMI and USB Type-C without the need for an additional graphics card, making multitasking a whole lot easier. Spread out your documents, mirror content or extend a single browser across multiple displays.

Incredibly silent and energy efficient

ASUS Chromebox 3 is ideal for office environments because it operates in remarkable silence, thanks to optimized fan settings that keep noise levels down. And it doesn't get much noisier at full load either. The fan helps lower operating temperatures, so you're guaranteed silent, stable performance.

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    ASUS Chromebox 3 N3293U - mini PC - Core i3 8130U 2.2 GHz - 8 GB - 64 GB